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Chimney Sweeping

Chimney sweeping is perhaps the most under-rated and overlooked aspect of the business yet one of the most informative. Sweeping a chimney can reveal structural problems, physical blockages such as bird’s nests or infill, capping, as well as accumulations of soot and tar. We offer an accredited, clean, efficient and economical service.

HETAS recommend having your chimney sweep once a year to maintain a safe working flue.

Having gained years of experience we pride ourselves at being experts in dust management, ensuring cleaning is carried out with minimum mess and leaving your property in the same condition as we found it in.

We charge £60 for a standard sweep, providing a sweep certificate and conducting a smoke evacuation test.

Bird nest removal is £120 -£150. On completion a camera survey will be conducted to ensure the nest and debris have been completely removed.

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Safety first

All of our team are trained and insured experts,
NACS members and HETAS registered